Woolbabe Sleeping Bag Review And Giveaway!

Prior to the birth of Cortez I hadn’t looked much into sleeping bags, when I think about it now I’m not really sure why I hadn’t, but I know the thought of them freaked me out! You know when you have your first baby and you don’t really know what your doing but you get bombed with all of this advice like “never let your baby overheat, always check their temperature” and so on? Well I took this very seriously but I was a little bit hardcore with this advice and I’d literally ALWAYS check his temperature and turned into a paranoid crazy mum! I was worried that a sleeping would make him overheat and I would become even more paranoid so I just stuck to blankets tucked in at the bottom and sides really well and the same went for London as I guess I stuck to what I knew and what I had done with Brooklyn. You live and learn tho right?!

It wasn’t until I had Cortez and one night I found him in his cot next to my bed fast asleep and the blanket was slightly over his face- I was HORRIFIED!!!! And I mean horrified!! I remember scrolling through my Facebook news feed a couple of days later and a mama had posted in my favourite mums Facebook group (The Finders Nest) asking about sleeping bags and I was captured by this post because I saw so many mums comment on it including mums who I had got to know through good old social media- mums who’s thoughts and opinions I 100% trusted. I read each and every single comment and I began to do some research online about sleeping bags! I must admit I felt a bit silly and was kicking myself that I hadn’t looked into them sooner- they are SO much safer to use than blankets and they really do make sense!!

We were recently very kindly sent a Woolbabe merino sleeping bag from The Sleep Store to review and I am genuinely so excited about writing this review! We already owned a Woolbabe sleeping bag too- it was the first one I bought and was the first brand that was recommended to me. I bought it second hand and it has been thrashed by my younger two (London LOVES to use it too)!!
Now since the one we already own is a winter sleeping bag ( I think it is an older style but it’s still nice to compare the different styles right?) with a front zip I thought it would be nice to try out a different one to compare the two together so I chose the 3 seasons sleeping bag age 2-4 years with a side zip, I chose the colour pebble since it’s a neutral colour so the next baby will be able to use it too.

As I mentioned earlier the one we already owned is second hand so I didn’t get to see how that was packaged but I was pleasantly surprised when I received the new one to review! It came in its own cotton bag along with care information and a handy cardboard room thermometer that has useful information on the back about how to dress your babe to suit the temperature of the room so that they have a comfortable sleep and aren’t too hot or cold. Perfect for the super paranoid mums like me!!


To be honest I don’t really favour one over the other, maybe that’s because of Cortez’s age? The more I think about it tho I do think I would prefer to use a side zip on a smaller baby for the simple fact of it making nappy changes easier. I thought it would be nice to write a few points anyway about each as one may suit other children better-


  • Harder for little wrigglers to take off as they don’t have the domes at the top which could come undone plus the actual zipper sits at the bottom of the zip and not at the top in little fingers reach!!
  • There’s no travel slot hole at the front (the two zips make the front hole when the travel slot is needed) which means it’s less likely for little toes to escape!
  • Easier to put on older children that prefer to be stood up when getting dressed.
  • I personally find the travel slot easier to use.



  • Awesome for those kiddies who aren’t quite used to the sleeping bags or aren’t too fond of them as you can just lay them on it when it is fully unzipped until they fall asleep and then zip it up.
  • Easier for bum changes.
  • Could possibly be more comfortable for the older kids that tummy sleep as there no zip at the front.
  • Easier to put on sleepy children as there’s no trying the bend their arms into the arm holes and then trying to slide them into the bag.

•I think the most important feature of the Woolbabe sleeping bags is the safety factor. No blankets in which to get tangled – or, worse, smothered. Remember: your not supposed to have ANYTHING in the baby’s cot in that first year – no bumpers, no soft toys and no loose blankets. Infant sleeping bags ensure that babies stay warm all night – and you can sleep well knowing nothing’s going to end up over their faces.
•If you live in an older home, like we do your house’s temperature is probably inconsistent. We have some rooms that are warmer and others that are a lot colder. For this reason alone, you’ll love that there are 3 different weights available and those are:
summer weight– these are made up of 30% merino and 70% cotton (specially made for woolbabe) and are suitable for a room temperature of 25-32 degrees.
3 seasons weight– made with 2 layers which are each made up of 30% merino and 70% cotton (specially made for woolbabe) and is suitable for a room temperature of 18-32 degrees (the most versatile bag available and is perfect for those who only want one weight).
Duvet weight– the outside layer is made up of 30% merino and 70% cotton (specially made for woolbabe) and is filled with a layer of 100% merino wool and then the lining is made of 100% cotton which feels nice and soft against baby’s skin (this bag keeps baby snuggley and warm during the cooler months and actually feels like a duvet). This bag is suitable for a room temperature of 14-22 degrees.
•Woolbabe bags are available in 4 sizes- 0-6 months– minimum weight 4kg and the bag length is 70cm
3-24 months– minimum weight 6kg and the bag length is 95cm
2-4 years– minimum weight 12kg and the bag length is 115cm
3-6 years– minimum weight 15kg and the bag length is 130cm
•Woolbabe sleeping bags are regularly described by lots of mums as the warmest bags in New Zealand.
•They are available in front or side zip options.
•They have travel slots which means they can be worn in the car, pram and capsule.
•They feature domes under the arms to ensure a perfect fit.

I think the 3 seasons bag is a great starting point for anyone that is new to using sleeping bags and aren’t sure what to choose as it is the most versatile, it’s perfect for the cooler and also warmer nights, you’d definitely get LOTS of use out of it! I do also really love the duvet sleeping bag, it’s a lot heavier like a duvet and it feels so snuggley and really does keep your child nice and warm over winter. Woolbabe is a brand you can really trust and they provide you with so much information which I really love! They really go in depth with how to use the bags and how to safely dress your child when wearing them- this is something I find really important and really does give you confidence and assurance. These sleeping bags are a great investment and you 100% get your money’s worth, not only that but they give you piece of mind knowing your child is nice and warm and is safe in their cot/bed. They are the most amazing quality and can be passed down through multiple babies- for this reason I do suggest that you think about purchasing gender-neutral styles if you’re on baby number 1 and planning to have more!


You can purchase Woolbabes from The Sleep Store  website and if you would like to know more about Woolbabe you can also visit   them on Facebook.


NOPE!! The AMAZING team at The Sleep Store have very generously given my equally AMAZING followers a chance to win their very own Woolbabe Sleeping Bag!!! To be in to win all you have to do is follow myself and The Sleepstore on Instagram and/or on Facebook and simply comment on the post which Woolbabe Sleeping Bag you would love to win and tag a friend! Easy peasy!!

*A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday the 26th of April. Goodluck guys and a massive thank you to the wonderful team at The Sleep Store!!


Dani xx

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