Review- Wooden Farm Barn By Nics Woody Goodies

Ok this farm barn is so incredible that it deserves a whole post dedicated to it! I’m a bit gutted that I have only been able to get this post up now as I hoped to have it up long before December but with birthdays and picking up extra work over Christmas I have been swamped but never mind, its better late than never right?

So London turned 4 last month and his birthday present wish was for a farm barn that he and his brothers could play with (so sweet right?!!!!), I searched high and low for one and I wanted something wooden not plastic. I was running out of luck and time and then I thought of the perfect place to ask if anyone has seen any around..the farming mums Facebook group! Perfect!!! Lots of people where suggesting I try Nics Woody Goodies and I was blown away when I checked her page out, this woman has amazing talent!!!!

Nicole was amazing to deal with, she was lightening fast at replying to my messages and she was more than happy to customise the barn to exactly what I wanted. Not only this but she had it cut out and it was ready to be stained the next day and it arrived in perfect timing for London’s birthday. That right there is top notch customer service!

I was so blown away and inspired by Nicole’s talent and creativity that I asked her to share a bit about herself and how Nics Woody Goodies came about-

I’m a mum of two (5 and 3 year olds) on a farm with too many ponies!

Now that Thomas is at school and Hannah has kindy three days a week for four hours per day, that is when I get most of my building work done.

I have been building sets for three years now, the first was for my two nieces for Christmas as I couldn’t warrant spending so much on a plastic set!

Friend’s asked me to make them sets and it has just grown from there!

The rotary cowshed and woodshed are probably my biggest achievements as I designed them all myself which takes hours and hours, but when customers give me feedback and pictures its all worth it seeing how much the kids love it!

Nicole of Nics Woody Goodies xx

Now take a look at just how incredible this is! The details and the work that has gone into making this is insane!

The barn doors are sturdy and open nice and wide to give the kids plenty of room to play inside.

Look at the details! The bail racks on the wall and the individual pens, it is so awesome!

Cortez loves playing with his brothers barn!

Large area inside for tractors etc

The roof comes off and gives the kids another level to play on

I absolutely love the barn doors!

The Schleich animals fit in the barn and pens perfectly with plenty of play room too.





Look at that super cute diesel bowser!!
Nicole makes other incredible pieces too you definitely want to check her Facebook page out!

Thank you so much Nicole, my boys love the barn so much, they play with it for hours. This is something that will be treasured and played with for many years to come.

Dani xx

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