JORD Watch Review And Giveaway

I love watches so much but i really really struggle to wear them, an hour in and I’m ripping them off and itching my wrists like a mad woman! I have super sensitve skin and everything just irritates me even bracelets and rings (yes you may have noticed on Snapchat or Instagram that i never wear my wedding rings, well this is why!)

When JORD Wood Watches approached me to do an honest review (I love this by the way, when brands ask for unbiased rubbish they just want an HONEST opinion!) I was very excitied for the opportunity, I had never worn a wooden watch before so I was keen to try one out!

I picked the Frankie Series Ebony & Gold watch which features silky smooth ebony (black) wood with a minimalistic face that has gold tone accents. It is very elegant and has the right mix of sophistication and statement making. JORD has quite a large range of women’s and mens’s watches, over 40 in fact and some are made from different types of wood like sandalwood, maple, koa, bamboo plus more! JORD also size your watch for you which saves you a trip to the jewellers, there is a printable measuring tape and you just let them know the size of your wrist.

JORD Frankie Watch
JORD Franke Series ‘Ebony & Gold
JORD wood watch

When the watch arrived it came presented in a wooden display box which i think is so cool! Jord’s branding is on POINT!!!!! The display box features a sliding lid that has been beautifully engraved and inside the box was this stunning hand-crafted wooden time piece sitting proudly on its own cushy little pillow with the words ‘JORD’ embroidered in the corner. Attached to the watch was a wooden tag with the letter ‘J’ carved into it (see..branding on point! I love these extra little touches, to me it screams that they super proud of their products), also inside was a cleaning cloth and a little phamphlet which contains instructions, information about the watch and how to look after it and warranty information.

JORD Frankie Watch

To be honest i was expecting the watch to feel and look a bit cheap since it is made from wood but it is FAR from that, it is super light weight and luxurious and one of the things that i really love and that to me makes it different from any other watch that I have seen is that it features a stainless steel butterfly clasp which means the wood strap goes ALL the way around which i think is super cool! It is made from 100% natural wood and it perfectly combines nature with technology! The side of the watch and also on the back has more branding beautifully engraved, it is so elegantly crafted I truly love it!

JORD Frankie Watch
JORD Wood Watches branding is on point!


JORD Frankie Watch

Now when i put it on i was expecting to be tearing off shortly after but i actually forgot it was even on my wrist…in-fact i even slept with it on!!! Whaaaaaaat?! That is something i have NEVER been able to do! I had absolutely no idea why this watch didn’t irritate me so I did a bit of investigating!! I had never really looked into the irritation before but after my investigating it sounds like i suffer from contact dermatitis (thanks Dr google!!)  JORD watches are made from natural wood and no toxic chemicals are added which makes them hypoallergenic which must be the reason behind why i can wear it! Wahoooo I don’t think ill ever take this off!!! (Husband if you see need to get me a wooden wedding ring haha!)

JORD Frankie Watch
JORD Frankie Watch

Would I recommend this watch?

Heck yes I would!!!! These are perfect for any man or woman and they are especially great if you have sensitive skin or ‘contact dermatitis’ (thanks again googs 😉 ) and struggle to comfortably wear watches as it is SO comfortable to wear! Like seriously comfortable!!!! It is splash proof (NOT waterproof!!! It is not to be submerged in water as it could damage or warp the wood) and comes with a 1 year limited warranty and just look at it, its so simple and just stunning! There are lots of beautiful watches to pick from on their online store so there will be something there to suit everyones aesthetic.

JORD Frankie Watch

How do you care for this watch?

Since the watches are made from a natural product you do have to look after it so that it will last many years to come. Woods enemy is humidity and a sudden change in temperature so it is best to not leave your watch somewhere that is susceptible to sudden climate change and keeping it in its box or a jewellery box when not being worn protects it from an overly wet or dry environment. It is also recommended to clean your watch using tung oil or lemon oil to keep the wood clean and properly conditioned and to keep it looking beautiful and new!

Watch details

  • Oversized
  • 45mm case
  • Swiss movement
  • Deployment buckle
  • Splash proof
  • One year limited warranty
  • Classic appeal

JORD have hooked us up with a pretty awesome giveaway for you guys! All you have to do is enter HERE for your chance to win a $75 e-gift code to use towards one of these beautiful watches of your choice but not only that.. everyone..yes everyone is a winner!! Everyone who enters also gets a little somethin’ somethin’ too! All entrants receive a $20 e-gift code to use towards a watch of their choosing as well !! (these codes will expire on 31/1/2017 so you have lots of time…put one on that Christmas wish list!!) 

JORD Frankie Watch

*Giveaway will close on 10/16 at 11.59pm and one lucky winner will be picked at random*

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

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