DIY Easter Egg Toys/Decorations 

For this you will need-

  • Eggs (I used wooden ones I got from a local guy who makes them, if your in NZ and want some DM me on Instagram and I can help you get some) you can also use polystyrene eggs from the $2 shop or the plastic eggs you can get from the vets! 
  • Paint brushes. I used a large one for painting the eggs and a very fine one for drawing the faces.
  • Masking tape.
  • Paint! I used PAL Small Job in black magic gloss, PAL Small Job in white semi gloss (these paints are AWESOME for painting craft stuff, furniture, metal and just about everything! I always make sure I have some in the cupboard) and I also got some valspar paint in the colour Wild Pony (a beautiful nude colour ?) 
  • Egg cup or egg carton to make it easier painting the eggs.


If your kids are old enough this could be a fun little project to let them do! Mine on the other hand are a bit too the thought of the mess with these paints didn’t tickle my fancy at all!!!

I just drew on a piece of paper what I was going to do (with some inspo from good old Pinterest!) on each one and then put the eggs in an egg cup or the cardboard cartons and painted the top halves. I did two coats and then turned them over and did the other half (one I used masking tape and left half natural). Wait for them to dry and then unleash your art skills on them!! 

And this is how mine turned out! Hopefully when the kids see them on Easter morning they won’t complain about the nude ones being for girls ??

If you make some I would LOVE to see so tag me in a picture on Instagram

Dani xx

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